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Clean Sheet™ 

What is it?




Clean Sheets™ combines natural biodegradable cleaning agents that interact with each other in a powerful way to create a breakthrough laundry detergent that performs as well or better than leading brands, yet requires less resources to produce. Clean Sheets™ are a small, thin sheet that you simply toss into a washing machine and go. Clean Sheets™ deliver our promise for a brighter, cleaner future.

Clean Sheets™ are a powerful laundry solution that is good for human skin, gentle on textiles, and environmentally friendly. Clean Sheets™ are easy to use, save money, and perform without compromise. 

Typical laundry detergents come in liquid or powder forms, made from various petroleum-based chemicals, including synthetic surfactants, phosphates and foaming agents. These products contaminate natural waters and require production processes that significantly impact the environment. 

Clean Sheets™ are environmentally friendly from production, to packaging, washing and discharge through wastewater, where it easily washes away, biodegrading naturally back to nature. 


How is it useful?

Friendly to

the environment, humans and textiles 

Clean Sheets promise a brighter future.



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  • Laundry Detergent Sheet
  • Toilet Clean Sheet
  • Natural Bath Sheet
  • Natural Dish-wash Detergent Sheet
  • Floor Clean Detergent Sheet
  • Industrial Degreaser 
  • Soil Remediation Sheet


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