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Clean Sheets™

Effective & sustainable daily life solutions: 
  • Biodegradable Laundry Detergent Sheet
  • Biodegradable Toilet Cleaning Sheet
  • Natural Bathing Sheet
  • Natural Dish-wash Detergent Sheet
  • Biodegradable Industrial Degreaser 
  • Soil Remediation Sheet
  • Full Face Mask - Belt free & Biodegradable N95


Clean Sheets™ are the creation of United Biologics, Inc. (UBI), an environmental technology company focused on the development of innovative solutions that protect the environment from the impact of daily life. We enable people to be active participants of the green revolution by providing sustainable choices that are easy to use, cost-effective and perform without compromise. UBI researches organic replacements for the harmful processed chemicals we use in our daily lives. We translate our findings into viable commercial applications, for the benefit of the environment and the world’s population. Our vision is to become the world standard for sustainable product development.





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