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The Authorized Partner Program


The program engages technologies developed by United Biologics Inc and HA Technologies Holdings Inc. It helps its partners quantify new market opportunities in soil remediation, water pollution control, bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide, rare earth element mining and gauge partner interest in addressing these markets.


Among its goals, this program:

  • Targets both emerging technologies like Controlled Horizontal Gene Transfer Solutions, and advanced technologies like Multiple Microbe Consortia Culture and Magnetic Enforced Fermentation.

  • Provides market opportunities for all partners interested in investing.


Award Announcement


  • Xianghai Chen & John Neil win the Annual Outstanding Achievement Prize 2013 for their success in constructing 3D bacterial consotia.  

  • Welcome Professor Paul Goodwin from University of Guelph to join our research program in developing a biological pesticide specific for ginseng farms.  Daniel Chen, VP is the co-principle investigator of the research program. 

  • Congratulation to UBI R&D team for the outstanding achievement in artificial biofilm development and elaboration of various biofilm derivatives in 2019


New Products Announcement 


Fast action Nature's Essence orally soluble stripes for Men Health  & Women Health are launched in April 2021

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